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Privacy Policy

We know what it takes to ensure safe and secure online transactions to our clients. Our website and our employees are committed to cater to your moving needs without compromising with your privacy and the safety of your personal identity. The following aspects will let you know how responsibly we act in delivering impeccable services to our worthy customers:

Moveplanner.com has a special privacy statement in vogue for ensuring the safety of the information collected from the surfer at various stages and the discreet use to which it is put to.

Why ask for info?
We would like to inform the users how the information elicited from them is put to use and what an effective role it plays in helping the Moveplanner.com to understand the preferences of their customers and align their services accordingly.

Movers.com will use the customer-related information to know what services you are looking for on our site and how best we can help you in providing them. In the process of helping you, we might need the assistance of external agents who provides services like- real estate, mortgage loans etc. Hence, a certain amount of information has to be shared with the concerned parties and we do it in an utmost responsible manner. A secure transfer of such information is ensured by the Moveplanner.com, leaving no scope for any breach of confidentiality or any misuse of information in whatsoever form by the affiliated parties.

Information collected from you on Movers.com is the sole property of the site owners and is meant for its internal usage alone. No other means of transaction – sharing or sale of the customer’s information is allowed by our site.

Websites use text files viz. cookies to track the user activities on their site. When a user logs into a web site the cookies from that particular site will enter the user’s system. And the next time a user logs into the same site, information about his previous visit can be retrieved.

For a better viewing and clear understanding of the extensive content available on Movers.com enable your browser to accept cookies from our site. By disabling your browser from accepting cookies, you might not be able to gain access to certain areas of our site and you are likely to miss out on some relevant information. Select appropriate settings for your browser depending on your requirement.

By using this site users have agreed to its existing terms and conditions and are also bound by the future changes that will be made to them.

All rights and authority pertaining to the amendments of the site policies and guidelines vests exclusively with Movers.com. Policies on this site are likely to change from time to time. Prior to the finalization of every deal, the customers are advised to check the site thoroughly for the recent changes made.

Contact us over the phone or else write to us, if you have any doubts or queries about our privacy policy. Any suggestions in this regard are also welcome.

The content on this site is protected by the Moveplanner.com and any kind of copying, publishing, transmission or distribution of material is strictly forbidden. Several external companies are linked to this site and Moveplanner.com is not responsible in any way and does not endorse the authenticity of the content provided by them. Visitors to our site are advised to access these external links on their own accord.

Give us the required information to help us serve you better. We do respect your privacy and are sincerely committed to safeguard it. Keeping you safe is our priority as well as a privilege!

Privacy Policy